Need furniture storage & fulfilment help?

AP+ specialises in providing end-to-end 3PL, storage and fulfilment solutions for the furniture, homeware and tech industries, new to market companies and other ecommerce customers.

We Do Not Just Deliver Packages, We Deliver Growth

At AP+, we are not just about conventional 3PL fulfilment; we are your strategic logistics partner that you can trust for catering to your customers. Whether it is warehousing, e-commerce fulfilment, packing or shipping, we tackle all the challenges that may hinder your business growth. Our readily available and expert team offers reliable services to pick, pack, and ship on your behalf, ultimately providing you with the best stress-free logistics solutions for your business. 


Drive Your Revenue with Efficient E-commerce Fulfilment Services

You may have the best website design, the best email copy, or the best Instagram ads- but if you do not have the right ecommerce fulfilment strategy, you will not be able to establish a loyal customer base.  

At AP+ Fulfilment & Storage, we offer services that facilitate the experience your customers expect. We help e-commerce businesses to achieve success online, particularly the ones with a direct-to-consumer business model. This is only made possible with our strong technology and efficient fulfilment service processes


Our End-to-End Solutions Include…

We take the time to understand our customers and their unique challenges. We then put together flexible packages tailored to our customers’ needs that champion their business growth.

All our internal software integrates with your software for a seamless operation, real time visibility, full traceability and accurate reporting and auditing. Learn more.

All items arriving at AP+ are scanned in, logged, quality checked and repackaged if necessary before we store them away. We can even arrange the transportation of your stock to our warehouse. Your assets are safe and traceable from the moment they enter our care. Learn more.

Our 300,000 sq ft warehouse has a number of flexible storage options from secure storage for high value goods to floorspace, racking and even temperature-controlled storage. Learn more.

AP+’s software integrates with over 60+ marketplaces so as soon as a customer places an order, we’re alerted, your inventory is updated and we spring into action. Learn more.

Our barcode system ensures full traceability on stock so an item can be picked, packed and ready for dispatch in minimal time. Learn more.

Our carrier management software automatically compares the price of over 80+ carriers ensuring we’re using the most cost-effective method of delivery every single time. Learn more.

We can even manage all your returns logistics ensuring impeccable customer service for your end-customer whilst maximising your saleable inventory and minimising waste. Learn more.

Industry expertise

With extensive experience in the furniture, homeware, and tech industries, we understand the specific challenges and aspects of handling these aspects as a full-service fulfilment company. This facilitates efficient processes, careful handling, and reduced risks of damage during storage and transportation.  

Flexible and scalable storage

Our purpose-built fulfilment warehouse offers a wide range of secure storage options to cater to your specific needs. Be it a requirement for secure units for high-value items, a dedicated space for fabric rolls, flat-pack furniture, or bulky sofas, we have the solutions you need. You only pay for the space you use and enjoy our cost effective solutions available for all, regardless of the size of your business.

Efficient operations  

We invest heavily in the latest integrated warehouse management, e-commerce, and carrier management software. This strong system facilitates smooth order processing, accurate inventory tracking, efficient picking and packing, and timely order fulfilment. You can conveniently access real-time data and get transparent insights into your inventory and order fulfilment activities, allowing you to focus on other pertinent aspects of the business.

Customer satisfaction

At AP+, we do not only store and fulfil your orders. We work to forge strong partnerships with our clients. Our team is on hand to offer their expert advice, personalised guidance and support, and a responsive approach to ensure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.


We operate out of our purpose-built, 300,000 sq ft facility in central UK. Our storage space is extremely flexible, from secure units for high value items to areas for rolls of fabric, flatpack and sofas. We use our industry experience and the latest integrated warehouse management, ecommerce and carrier management software to ensure a seamless operation for our customers, leaving them to concentrate on other areas of their business with peace of mind that their assets are in the best hands.

AP+ specialises in the furniture industry, understanding the challenges and nuances of the industry on an international scale. Our 300,000 sq ft facility is geared up to take furniture of all shapes and sizes. Learn more.

Whether you need us to store and distribute delicate rugs, fragile ceramics or glassware, AP+ has the processes, specialist packaging and understanding to handle such items. Learn more.

AP+’s warehouse has a secure storage section especially for high-value tech goods. Our barcoding system also allows us to trace items via serial number. Learn more.

Due to our expertise, we’re geared up to support new to market and start up customers with the complexities of international logistics so they can concentrate on other areas of their business. Learn more.

Although we specialise in furniture and homeware, we are also set up to accept and distribute all sorts of products including raw materials, machinery, and even laboratory equipment. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements? Learn more.


Industries we work with include...

Even though we specialise in furniture and homeware, we work with importers, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes from across the globe from many different industries offering end-to-end 3PL solutions for shipping, receiving, storing and distributing goods, large and small.

How Our Fulfilment Services Benefit You​

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Outsource your fulfilment operations to AP+ to free up valuable time and resources that could be otherwise invested in core business activities. Leverage economies of scale and our efficient processes to enhance your business’s cost savings.

Scalability and growth support

We offer scalable storage solutions and flexible service packages to facilitate you to easily adapt to changing business needs and growth demands. We can accommodate fluctuations in inventory levels and volume of orders so your fulfilment operations keep pace with the success of your business. 

Improved customer experience

Experience faster order fulfilment turnaround times, accurate order picking and safe and secure packaging for a more positive customer experience, leading to brand loyalty and repeat business.

Reduced risk and increased control

We offer secure storage facilities while our strong processes and experienced staff ensure to minimise the risk of damages, theft or loss of your inventory. 


Partner with us for Your Fulfilment Needs

Eliminate the complexities of your business’s storage, picking, packing, and shipping aspects so you can focus on what matters most—exceeding your customer expectations and growing your business for unmatched success.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and learn how we can help you fulfil your business goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some of our most commonly received queries about our warehousing, storage & fulfilment services.


3PL, or third-party logistics fulfilment, refers to outsourcing the entire process of receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping your products to a dedicated service. In other words, it implies that you outsource your retail order fulfilment process to a third-party service. When you opt for 3PL fulfilment, you spend less time fulfilling your orders and more time on other productive aspects of your business. 

We are a fulfilment company providing end-to-end 3PL solutions to businesses including storage and fulfilment services. We cater to various industries, including furniture, homeware, tech, and more. Our services include receiving and processing your inventory at our fulfilment warehouse, providing secure storage for your products, managing your customer order via our integrated software system, picking and packing your customers orders, managing the shipping process with various carriers, and handling returns and exchanges.

It depends on the scale of your business. When you have just started, your ecommerce business may be getting a low order volume, which you may be able to handle on your own and do the fulfilment yourself. You may even have spare time to spend on other tasks. 

Once you find yourself spending all the time on fulfilment, you may consider hiring help to pack or you will not have any spare time to concentrate on growing the business. That is when ecommerce fulfilment companies can help. When you consider the shipping and labour costs and the opportunity costs, i.e. the time you could spend on other profitable activities like scaling the business, you may find fulfilment services to be a more viable option. 

Certainly! We are the ideal fulfilment centre for small businesses, with services designed specifically to cater to their needs, even those that are new in the market. We are cognisant of the challenges faced by small businesses and provide flexible packages designed to address individual requirements so they can grow without worrying about complex logistics.