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Furniture storage can be a complex and demanding business aspect, leaving you overwhelmed. It is because finding the right storage option and space can be an arduous task. 

At AP+ Fulfilment & Storage, years of experience have given us the requisite knowledge and expertise to address the unique challenges in this regard. As a dedicated furniture storage company and fulfilment provider, we offer comprehensive furniture storage solutions to ensure the safety and security of your products and facilitate their safe and efficient delivery to your customers. 


Experts in furniture storage, fulfilment and reverse logistics

AP+ has a wealth of experience managing furniture storage and fulfilment, working with clients from across the industry. Our warehouse is geared up to manage furniture items large and small, from 3-piece suites and flatpack to nests of tables and tub chairs.

Leaders in Furniture Storage Solutions

When it comes to supply chain strategy in the furniture industry, efficient warehouse management plays a vital role. While timely order handling with quality customer services is rewarded, failure to do so leads to instant customer dissatisfaction. 

However as a furniture producer, you may face unique fulfilment challenges- since handling bulky or sizable items can be expensive and complicated to store. At the same time, the shipments often need added protection against possible damage and hence require careful planning and packaging. With our efficient fulfilment services, we are equipped to cater to your distinctive requirements. 

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Furniture Fulfilment Specialists AP+

Treating your assets as if they were our own

When items enter our warehouse, we quality check them to ensure they’re undamaged and correctly packaged, taking into account the item’s size, shape and material, before transporting the stock into appropriate storage. We even have carpeted shelves to protect the most delicate of items and fabrics.

Well-equipped furniture storage facilities

Our state-of-the-art warehouse offers a safe haven for your furniture, keeping it protected from the harsh elements and likely damage. We put the utmost focus on maintaining a clean and organised environment so that your inventory stays intact.  

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. We work with some of the largest names in the industry. Find out how we’ve made a difference to their business here.

Transparent Inventory Tracking With Custom Storage Solutions

Our experienced team fully understands the distinctive handling requirements of furniture items and ensures professional care for your products.

When you entrust us with your business, you can always be sure of the location of your furniture. We provide a transparent inventory tracking system to facilitate tracking all your shipments from the time they leave the warehouse until they arrive at their destination. This way, you will always know where your products are and when they will arrive, so you can notify your customers accordingly.


Sustainable solutions

Unlike other 3PL providers, we specialise in returns management – a true end-to-end operation. When a return is raised, we can manage it all, from collecting it from the customer’s home to quality checking and logging the fault to find trends. We can even fix a number of faults and quality issues on our very own site, prioritising quality and your brand’s reputation and minimising waste.
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How It Works

Explore how AP+ work with you to implement a seamless operation.
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Offering advice at every stage

Our years of experience have allowed us to build longstanding relationships with carriers. This means we not only get the best rates, but we can also arrange your two-person delivery, white glove delivery and even delivery that includes assembly in your end-customer’s home so they can enjoy your furniture as soon as it’s delivered.

Want to know more about how we can help you? Get in touch with our Business Development Director, Catherine Byrom and she’ll be happy to help.

A Video Overview

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AP+ Fulfilment & Storage offers you a world of convenience with our secure and efficient services. When you outsource your storage and fulfilment to us, we empower you in return with our reliable services so you can focus on what matters the most while we tackle the pertinent but intricate aspects of your furniture storage and fulfilment aspects.

We strive to exceed your expectations every time and build a long-term partnership with you that is based on trust and reliability.

Contact us today and discuss your particular requirements with us and learn how we can serve as your trusted partner for handling your furniture storage and fulfilment requirements.



Furniture storage solutions and fulfilment services are important for improving the distribution and logistics of a furniture business. These services include order processing, packaging, and shipping of furniture products. When you incorporate specialised fulfilment solutions, you have the assurance that your furniture will be delivered to your customers safely, efficiently and in the best conditions, which will enable you to satisfy your customers and win their loyalty. 

As a reputed furniture storage company, we specialise in furniture fulfilment, especially for items that require careful handling owing to their weight and size. Our fulfilment network includes dedicated warehouse and packaging facilities to cater to heavy furniture or home goods. When you entrust us with your products, we will ensure they are shipped and delivered safely. We understand the importance of safe product delivery for ensuring customer loyalty in the furniture industry and the role of efficient order processing and delivery in this regard.

When furniture businesses or brands partner with us, we offer them comprehensive services for managing their inventory and logistics issues. Our third-party 3PL services are designed to make the fulfilment process efficient—from handling the inventory to completing orders. This includes managing warehousing and ensuring proficient furniture shipping operations.

We optimise the fulfilment process to improve your operational efficiency, which is a vital aspect for any growing business, be it the furniture industry or any other.

Returns processing is vital to ensuring you are efficiently providing the standard services your customers require, particularly for e-commerce businesses. If your customer wants to return a certain product because they no longer require it, it does not meet their expectations, or it was the wrong size, you must ensure that they get the money back.

At AP+ Fulfilment & Storage, we can assist you in this regard and help you deal with the delicate returns process. We have an efficient returns management policy in place and can facilitate you to recapture your products’ value and optimise the associated costs.

We ensure access to customers’ inventory in real-time via our integrated software. When a customer places an order, the software enables you to track the product’s processing at all times – from the time of order placement to its delivery. As orders are shipped or new items are received, the inventory record is updated instantly and available for your perusal via a secure connection.