How It Works

Flexible, Cost-Effective, Efficient and Reliable.

AP+ has invested in its staff, infrastructure and software to ensure we deliver. As experts in the furniture industry and all things storage and fulfilment, we’re also on-hand to advise and be an extension of your team to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Explore how we go about it below.

A Video Overview

We've put together a quick 2 minute video as a guide to the services we offer.

1) Agree contract/solution

AP+ works with clients of all sizes from across the globe and we understand that every customer and their requirements are different. We approach every company as an individual and work collaboratively to find the right and best solution for your products business.
We invite all our customers to site so you can see how we’re geared up for the furniture industry and to ensure we’re both happy with our partnership.

2) Send Products to warehouse

As soon as we’re part of your team, we can leverage our industry contacts to transport your stock to our warehouse as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, immediately making a difference and taking the lead.

3) Connect to marketplace

We’ll also integrate our order management system with your online marketplace. Currently, we can connect with over 60 shopping carts and e-commerce marketplaces for live stock updates and order management.

4) Orders come in

Once your customers have placed an order, we’re automatically alerted and our team can spring into action to get your product out the door and on its way to the end customer.

5) Pick & Pack

Our Warehouse Management System makes it easy to identify and pick the right product every time. We can then ensure it is suitably protected, wrapped and packaged prior to dispatch.

6) Carrier Management

AP+ invests in intelligent carrier management software that automatically compares quotes from over 80 carriers to ensure that whatever your customer has ordered, we use the most suitable and cost-effective delivery method every time.

7) Traceability

All our systems integrate to provide you with full traceability on a batch by batch and item by item perspective from the moment your stock arrives in our warehouse to when it lands with the customer. This is perfect for higher value goods with individual serial numbers.

8) Reverse Fulfilment

AP+ has invested in a bespoke reverse fulfilment service that provides customers with a complete solution to minimise wastage, achieve maximum profitability, sustainability and circular product life cycle. We can even make repairs on site for both products and packaging.

Meet The Team

If you like what you hear and want to find out how we can help you, please contact Catherine, our Business Development Director.