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Reduce waste with AP+

It’s more important than ever before for companies to look at how to reduce wastage and become more sustainable. AP+ has invested in its reverse fulfilment logistics and staff knowledge and expertise to help all our customers with this. Find out more below.


Reducing Losses, Increasing Profits

AP+ is proud to discuss what we do to help reduce wastage and maximise our customer’s saleable stock.

We understand the financial implications and stresses on resources returns create, particularly for large items, such as sofas.

A Video Overview

We've put together a quick 2 minute video as a guide to the services we offer.

Experts In Recommerce

As part of this, we have a partnership with ClearCycle. ClearCycle is a liquidation and recommerce solution which uses market information to drive optimal product routing, refurbishment and pricing decisions, to provide furniture companies with the best yield for their returns and overstock.

One of ClearCycle’s workshops is based at AP+ headquarters so they can carry out more complex repairs on our customer’s stock on site meaning it can be fixed, quality checked and back on sale in no time at all.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some of our most commonly received queries about our warehousing, storage & fulfilment services.