Business & Ecommerce Integration

Seamless - from signing up and transitioning, to your first order and beyond...

AP+ has invested in the latest business and ecommerce integration software to ensure seamless operations and logistics from the moment our customer is on-board, all the way through to managing your returns.

Realtime Visibility and Traceability​

Using integrated software provides our customers with full visibility on where their stock is from the moment it arrives into the AP+ warehouse to when it lands with the end-customer whether it is in storage, in a shopping cart, in the pick and pack bay, ready for dispatch, with the carrier or with the customer. This makes it easy for the client to see how efficient and seamless AP+’s operation is.

A Video Overview

We've put together a quick 2 minute video as a guide to the services we offer.

Inventory Management​

Our integrated software and barcode systems give customers full control on inventory, whether you need to find a particular SKU or a product with a unique serial number. Using this system makes it easy and quick for us to pick stock and minimises the risk of errors during picking and packing. It also means our clients have a full and up-to-date audit trail of their inventory whenever they need it.

How It Works

Explore the process of how we work with you to implement a seamless operation for your business and customers.
Reporting on Tablet


All this information is in one place and is updated in real time so our customers can access their unique scheduled reports anytime and anywhere. We can also help set up custom reports to analyse any area significant to helping your business grow. Did you know, we’re also experts in reverse fulfilment, managing every step of the returns process. It really is an end-to-end service that’s built around your company’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some of our most commonly received queries about our warehousing, storage & fulfilment services.